Catching The Travel Bug? You’re Not The Only One!

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Catching The Travel Bug? You’re Not The Only One!

A Clio team member has returned from a relaxing 5 day trip to Italy. She supplied our jealous office with every. single. detail. and we thought it was worthy of sharing with you.

First Stop: Rome

Before anyone thinks to travel in August, especially to a warm location- they must plan accordingly with the weather. So pack every single dress you own and expect an exceptionally light suitcase. But seriously, by the heat we mean Rome is basically on fire. Being such a huge city and so full of tourists at all times, things can get a bit hectic. But nonetheless, when your mouth is wide open in awe of the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum and all of the other numerous historic sites you forget that you’re working on a sunburn. A little secret from our traveler- visit these locations at night. In the after hours not only are you stuffed with dinner (carbs on carbs) but you could use a nice walk. At this hour, given late dinners being a common formality you can soak up all of the magic Rome has to offer in a more intimate way. Though entrance to some sites might be closed, there is just something so special about seeing them lit up in the night by the moon. Maybe you’ll catch the sight on a full moon but if not- you’re lucky enough for the photo 🙂

Suggestion: pack your favorite bottle of wine (or some coca cola) and climb the stairs from street level to catch this panoramic view. And of course bring snacks, always!

Coast To Coast

The transport from the capital to the coast in surprisingly much easier than one would expect. A simple train ride of a little over an hour will get you to the prettiest village of Positano. It is a cliffside village in southern Italy. Which means the streets are narrow and winding and the restaurants and cafes are ever so sweetly placed by the road. From here you can walk down to the beach (bring comfy sandals) and along the way stop by all of the little boutiques which are each unique to the area. In fact, Italy is known for its high quality linen as well as leather goods. There is one sandal shop that caters to your every need and makes it personalized. You pick each fabric and color that you would like on your new shoe and there is always a talented cobbler in shop to create your dream sandal right before your very eyes.

Shopping aside, there is not enough that can be said about the view: from one side there is the ocean, full of yachts and kayakers and the other is populated with tiny colorful buildings. The beach is a totally different experience. In fact, there is no sand. There are many beach bars and cafes along the water and they rent out sunbathing chairs and supply you with umbrellas for the day. You don’t even have to worry about towels. After you get over the fact that its scorching hot (the ground is lava) you can go for a swim in the cool water of lay out and catch some rays. Look how gorgeous- no wonder why Positano is one of the most sought out villages on the Amalfi Coast.

Suggestion: Stay the whole day! You are paying for a spot on the beach and if you get sick of the sun you can always go to a restaurant right by your chair and grab a bite or even lay under your umbrella in the shade.

We hope that you can take these recommendations and build your own dreamy getaway! And if you’ve read up to this point- then you have officially been transmitted the travel bug. 

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