our philosophy

we care deeply about each one of our customers and our retail partners. together, we strive to deliver the highest quality and performance at the lowest possible cost.

private brand & OEM/ODM product development

our private label and OEM/ODM success ranges from exclusive product offerings, like dermaflash, to premium own-brand programs such as boots no7 (u.k.) and king of shaves (u.k.). we have also gained considerable traction with our drug and mass programs with retailers such as walgreens (u.s.), target (u.s.) and walmart.

services we offer

clio offers a full range of product development services including engineering, industrial design, packaging design, rapid prototyping, graphic design and brand development. we apply our same passion for great design and performance to each of our private label projects.

product range – development example

the ProstyleTM Multistyler was developed as a part of a complete range of grooming appliances for the king of shaves brand. from design to functionality, the product had to accommodate the unique needs of their forward-thinking customers. clio’s multi-faceted development process yielded an exceptional device, tailor made to reflect king of shave’s identity as a trend setter in the world of grooming.


product design: exploring current product trends and angular military styling, a strong, chiseled look appeals to the modern consumer.

engineering: innovative LCD display technology combined with high performance components and materials.

manufacturing: industry leading manufacturing processes and efficiencies produced a quality item while keeping costs low enough for competitive pricing at mass retail.

Home Office

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Unit 11, 25f, Grandion Plaza,
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