Everything You Need To Know About Epilating & Why You Should Start Today

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Everything You Need To Know About Epilating & Why You Should Start Today

First things first, I know what you’re all asking, “What is epilating?”. Epilation is essentially tweezing, but much faster. An epilator is a device similar to an electric shaver. It has a rotating head of tweezers that traps hairs and then pulls the hairs from the root super fast as you glide it across you skin. If that sounds painful, you’re not wrong. Removing hair from the skin will always involve some degree of pain and epilators are no exception. Luckily, epilators often come with different speed settings to help you be as comfortable as possible. If you’ve ever had anything waxed before, epilating will be a breeze (at a fraction of the cost). Additionally, it hurts the most the first time you try it, but after your first time it hardly hurts at all!

The second question I know you’re all asking, “If it hurts, why would I voluntarily subject myself to that?”. The simple answer is that “beauty is pain”.  Just kidding! The reason why you should start epilating is because the results are more than worth it. Since you’re actually pulling the hair from the root-instead of just shaving off the ends- your legs will stay smoother much longer than shaving. With an epilator you can be hair free for up to 6 weeks! Much like from waxing, regular use of an epilator can actually reduce or even completely stop hair growth in that area. By waxing or epilating, you are pulling the hair out of the follicle which can in turn damage the follicle, resulting in the inability of the hair to grow back. If you like smooth legs for weeks, hate stubble and bleeding nicks, or if you have sensitive skin, you MUST try epilating.


5 Reasons Why You Should Epilate Instead Of Wax

  1. Buying a single epilator is cheaper than paying for repeated wax sessions at a salon.
  2. Before you wax, it is recommended that you let your hair grow at least 1/4 inch to a 1/2 inch. When using an epilator, you can practically use it whenever. Some epilators can pull hairs as small as 0.5 mm in length.
  3. Epilating is quick, easy and completely mess-free. Epilating is very straightforward unlike waxing. When waxing at home, you have to make sure you heat the wax to the right temperature and then you have to make sure you don’t make a huge mess when trying to spread it properly. Unlike epilating, waxing can leave a sticky residue on the skin that can be hard to remove.
  4. Epilating causes less irritation and fewer ingrown hairs than waxing.
  5. Epilators are much more portable for on-the-go hair removal.


Helpful Tips To Get The Most Out Of Epilating

  • Exfoliating before you start can help to prevent ingrown hairs
  • Shave 1-3 days before epilating. Epilating works better and is much more comfortable when the hair is short.
  • Epilating is best done at night because your skin may be red after the session. By the time you’re awake the redness will be all gone.
  • Holding your skin taut while you epilate will drastically reduce the discomfort.
  • Always keep the epilator at a 90-degree angle to your skin
  • It’s not necessary to push the epilator into your skin. Instead, glide the epilator in the opposite direction of hair growth using circular motions.
  • Go slowly. Going too fast can result in hair being broken at the surface instead of being removed at the root.
  • Clean your epilator with the included brush and rubbing alcohol for disinfectant.


Perks of the Palmperfect Epilator

  • Has 18 hypoallergenic stainless steel tweezers for long-term hair removal
  • Safe and easy to use on all body parts, including more sensitive areas (i.e. your bikini area)
  • You can use it anywhere
  • Has a spotlight for enhanced visibility of fine hairs
  • Has 2 speed settings for use on all types of hair
  • Can be used corded or cordless

(can be purchased online or at Meijer)


  1. Kate says:

    Waxing is painful, and it should not be done on the face. Since, I always wanted to get rid of the unwanted hairs on my face, so I started using Braun silk epil, so it has become easier for me to become party-ready within minutes.

    • Maclin says:

      Yes the Braun Silk Epil works best, I also started using since the January of 2018 when I first discovered it on a list of the best epilator, it’s one of the fastest epilators, making epilation a less time-consuming process with it’s 40 tweezers.

  2. Chris says:

    I haven’t tried that one. I started using the karmin 5 in 1 epilator a year ago and I love it. It got different attachments that make it easy to use in all your body.

  3. la gamme s’étend jusqu’aux soins post-épilatoire avec l’huile d’argan et l’Aloe Vera, gel pré-épilatoire, sérum anti-repousse