February 1, 2017
St. Patty’s Day
March 16, 2017


In our last blog post we talked about New Year’s resolutions (We hope you’re doing as well with yours as we are with ours!) and something that it seems like everyone could use some help with is SAVING.

The holiday season left many of our piggy banks feeling pretty empty. Take control of your money in 2017 by making a few small changes now to get your spending and saving back on track!



Here are a few easy, every day tips to keep in mind:

Save your change

Cut down on coffee runs

Cook at home

Take your lunch to work

Use a shopping list

Compare prices (in store or online)

De-clutter by selling your old stuff

Stop buying bottled water

Use coupons

Grocery shop on a full stomach

Don’t buy impulsively – write things you want on a list and wait a certain amount of time before purchasing



There are tons of different money saving plans that can be helpful too and how challenging they are varies. We’ve included some examples of our favorites for you, but there a hundreds more just a quick Google or Pinterest search away.



Repeat each week

Monday: $1

Tuesday: $2

Wednesday: $3

Thursday: $4

Friday: $5

Saturday: $6

Sunday: $7


For those of you who have are able to save on a larger scale or really enjoy a challenge:


Save $800 in 12 weeks!


1 $20 $20
2 $65 $85
3 $30 $115
4 $75 $190
5 $40 $230
6 $90 $320
7 $50 $370
8 $100 $470
9 $60 $530
10 $100 $630
11 $70 $700
12 $100



Don’t want to save money the traditional way? There are plenty of ways to cut back on your expenses.


If you’re serious about this, try challenging yourself to a NO-SPEND WEEKEND. No spending doesn’t have to mean no fun! Here’s a list of ideas to have fun this weekend 🙂


Go hiking

Watch a movie

Check community calendar

Go on a bike ride

Visit a free museum

Play a video game

Draw or paint

Organize your cabinet

Learn a new skill


Have some other awesome money saving ideas? We’d love for you to share with us on Facebook or Instagram: @cliostyle

Now get to saving!!!!!

Ta ta for now 🙂


P.S. –  We hope you haven’t forgotten about our February fitness challenge!


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