Learn about the World’s Healthiest Sport!

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September 18, 2018
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Learn about the World’s Healthiest Sport!

Looking for alternative forms of cardio? Look no further than the sport of squash! The sport of squash is steadily growing in the U.S., with its strongest presence on the east coast. Originating from Harrow, England in the 1830’s, squash is a racket sport that combines elements of strength, agility, and intelligence. It’s a game that tests both your mental and physical capabilities.

On a squash court, the game is between you and your opponent. You win the point by placing the fast-paced rubber ball strategically, so that

your opponent cannot return the ball. When warmed up, the ball can move up to 170 mph. It’s no wonder that such a fast-paced game allows you to reap so many health benefits!

Why is squash the world’s healthiest sport? 

  • According to Forbes, the risk of death was 47% lower for those who played racquet sports, and 15% lower among cyclists.
  • All you need is 30 minutes to get a strong cardio respiratory workout
  • The constant running and lunging builds endurance and muscular strength
  • Squash boosts your mental strength and concentration – when you are on that court, nothing else matters

It’s a sport that anyone can get into, at any age. The only current barrier is easy access to squash courts. However, squash is on the growth trajectory, and within the next 10 years, there is no doubt that courts will be popping up nationally.

This post celebrates and honors International Women’s Squash Week, happening from September 22-30 in cities like Washington, D.C. San Francisco, and Hong Kong.


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