Let’s Make This Your Best Summer… (With A Smoothie in Hand)

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Let’s Make This Your Best Summer… (With A Smoothie in Hand)

Smoothies can change your life. Really. Think about it, you’re taking small amounts of ingredients that are awesome for you and combining them into one awesomely easy and refreshing cup of deliciousness. Now, they don’t have the magical powers to fix a poor diet – but for those who are already eating healthy but cant seem to get all of their servings of fruits and veggies in- they’re a true blessing. Keep reading to see some of our staff picks for the greatest smoothies of all time.

(Remember if you’re working on a tight schedule- all of these can be made ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator!)


The Almighty… The Great… The GREEN

one frozen banana

half cup frozen strawberries

half cup coconut water

handful fresh spinach

one-fourth cup pomegranate arils

half cup fat free greek yogurt



I want berries and I want them now!

half cup frozen raspberries

one-fourth cup frozen blueberries/strawberries/cherries

one-fourth cup almond/nut milk

two teaspoon honey

teaspoon fresh ginger

teaspoon lemon



Antioxidant Oat Blast

one fourth cup rolled oats

half cup lowfat yogurt

one banana

half cup blueberries

one fourth cup orange juice



Paradise in a Glass  

one cup milk of choice

two thirds cup frozen pineapple

half cup frozen mango

one fourth cup nonfat plain Greek yogurt

one fourth cup old-fashioned oats

two teaspoon agave nectar or honey

two teaspoon fresh lime juice



Fill Me With Chocolate Energy 

one frozen banana

one cup frozen strawberries

half of an avacado

three pitted dates

one cup almond milk

two tablespoon cocoa powder


Optional Additives: ground flaxseed, maca powder, cinnamon, protein powder, nut butters




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