“Nothing says success like excess.” How to host a memorable Royal Wedding viewing party.

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“Nothing says success like excess.” How to host a memorable Royal Wedding viewing party.

Whether you’re a princess stuck in an average life or just interested in the most talked about event of the year- we’ll provide the simple secrets on how to watch the royal wedding in style. Since the royal wedding is kind of a big deal, why not make it an excuse to get together with your friends and do some pretending. Before you get too excited you must keep in mind that this event is in London so we must account for the time change. If you are watching live, the official start time of the Royal Wedding will be at 12pm UK time, New York(7am), Los Angeles(4am). So, record that event and lets begin to transform your living room into St. George’s Chapel to get this party started.

Of course depending on your time zone, we are still thinking about a brunch-ish type vibe. Again, our suggestion is to record the event and start at a reasonable time. Create your guest list and get your DIY shoes on because we’ll be making homemade invitations. You are aiming for pure elegance so anything thats extravagant, ribbons, gold accents, pearls,etc. buy them all. Essentially, tear down the aisles at your local craft store and deliver a finished product that will wow your guests and inform them on the details of the party.




“Uniforms, morning suit or lounge suit, day dress and hat.”

Have some fun with this but remember that we are a classy bunch, there will be no short skirts or open shoulders because Queen Elizabeth the II might fly out from London and drag you by the ear for your lack of royal etiquette.













In the UK we say cheers, right?

Your guests might think its too early to head straight into the booze cruise so we suggest something light like mimosas. Better yet, make your guests extra happy with a mimosa bar. Buy a bunch of different juices, pour them into glass bottles for a classier look, create labels, pull out those champagne flukes and pop those bottles! Garnish with some fruits for an extra ritzy look.













The floral feel

Without spending an arm and a leg, surround yourself by flowers. Keeping a common color scheme, include orchids, lilies, tulips, the more the merrier. Make sure to throw in a peony or two- it is said to be the favorite flower of the soon to be queen.











Not your average tea party

Members of the Clio team have dined in London and we can tell you that there will be no juicy  cheeseburger sliders at your viewing party. The English are into petite, delicate cakes and small sandwiches. Purchase a tiered cake stand and think the smaller the better. These foods aren’t meant to suppress appetite but are more geared toward the event in itself. If you’re feeling confident, buy some little jams and bake some scones for the true English dining experience.











Follow these links for two of our favorite scone recipes! And let us know how your royal wedding viewing party went!


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